The Alps 2 Ocean Trail is the longest connected trail in New Zealand. The trail consists of eight sections from the ocean in Oamaru to Mt. Cook. Beautiful vistas, wide expanses and historical  features embellish the trail. All ages enjoy the trail along with all levels of bicyclists.

This last segment of the trail from Oamaru to Duntroon is a perfect electric bike excursion. The bike reaches speeds of 25km per hour and can easily transport the rider from Oamaru to Duntroon and back again.

Starting Out

After hiring your e-bike at our shop on Thames Street, start your adventure at Oamaru Harbor where the trail begins at Friendly Bay alongside the ocean. Head northeast out of town past the Victorian Historic Precinct and onward toward the Oamaru Gardens. From there, cycle through the sealed cycleway until the trail rejoins the old railway at Weston. From Weston, enjoy the trail as it heads off road and meanders through awe-inspiring farmland to Eston and then onward to Windsor.

Continuing Onward

The Rakis Railway Tunnel is next on the trail. It is at the tunnel that you find facilities, refreshing water and a charming picnic area. Heading out, you encounter three gravel roads (Tunnel, Peaks and Cants Rd) that lead you to Karara Creek. Continue east and you will reach Island Cliff. Island Cliff represents an agricultural and peaceful district where the hill for which it is named is surrounded by streams and has grand limestone formations. The views of the limestone cliffs and the emerald land that surrounds are breathtaking.

Farm Country

The trail continues on at Prydes Gully and heads more off road through several serene farms. On the other side you reach Elephant Rocks. Situated on private land, the rocks are a collection of weathered limestone. Walk among the occasional wandering sheep and experience the rock formations that resemble their namesake. Persist along the trail to the small farming town of Duntroon. The town is home to the Vanished World, which displays geological treasures from New Zealand’s past. While in town, grab a bite at the Duntroon Cafe. Try the Southern Fried Chicken or the delightful Sunny Burger before heading back to Oamaru.

Plan Ahead

Planning for your trail adventure is essential. Packing hydration is first and foremost for a trail rider. Water is best, and you can pack your own or buy a hydration bladder. For a two-hour ride, experts suggest you carry 2L  (70 ounces) of water. It is also good to bring a drink mix containing electrolytes that supports energy. Pack a sandwich for when you stop along the trail at a picnic area or at a beautiful panorama. Energy bars are also a quick and portable snack to keep you peddling. These bars should contain healthy carbs and proteins that help you maintain a high level of energy. Good ingredients to look for include granola, fruits and nuts.

Dress Properly

Clothing is also an important part of trail enjoyment. Depending on weather, you may wish to bring along an extra jacket or parka. An extra pair of socks is a great addition if you should happen to experience mud or water. Gloves can keep your hands from becoming too uncomfortable and can make the ride more pleasurable.

Do not forget sunglasses. Even if traveling on a cloudy day, light colored lenses can keep insects out of your eyes. Be sure that the glasses fit well so they do not slip or bounce as you ride along the trail. Carry important information about yourself such as a current ID, international passport or your itinerary. Make your own laminated card containing your name, address, phone number and emergency contact number. A good idea is also to bring along an insurance card and keep both in a safe but easily found place somewhere on your person.

Other Things to Pack

The trail has an over-abundance of gorgeous views, so bring along a good camera. Cellphone reception is good throughout the trail. A first aid kit is never a bad idea either. The fact is you will probably not have any need for it until you do not have one with you. While in Oamaru, you may wish to purchase a $10 wristband that supports the trail. The funds go towards trail improvements and maintenance. Let the world know you have conquered the trail! Your pack should also contain gear that can aid you in case of minor bike issues, such as a flat tire.

Electric bike battery energy is measured in watts. The wattage determines how long a distance a bike can travel before recharging. Speak with us at the shop for all your questions about e-bike cycling, including the wattage you need to complete your journey. We will be happy to assist you in any way and will make sure that you are provided with all you need to make your trail trip memorable.

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